Writing Thursday: Shifting Gears; or What To Do Next?


I’ve recently finished writing a short (for me) story.  I need to go and work on something else for a week or two before I come back and give it the edit it needs (my critique group made some very helpful suggestions, but I need to figure out how best to implement some of them).

But what should I work on in the meantime?

I’m feeling torn by conflicting priorities.  Part of me really wants to get Winterbourne 3 finished up, so I have time to let the characters “rest” a little before charging into Winterbourne 4 in November (for NaNoWriMo).

Part of me really wants to finish at least writing the faerie story I started two summers ago.

And then, after seeing a Facebook post from one of the editors at ElectricSpec wondering “where are all the steampunk stories?”–part of me wants to see if I can come up with a steampunk short story.

(As an aside:  If you write sci-fi, fantasy, or horror stories in the 200-7,000 word range, you might want to check them out.  http://www.electricspec.com/)

What to do?

I may take a week and have another try at writing a short story.  If I still can’t get one to come in under 7,000 words, I’ll go back to work on Winterbourne 3 and try again once I’ve got that wrapped up.  And then I can work on the faerie story between then and NaNoWriMo.

So many ideas, so little free time….

How do you set your writing priorities?


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1 Response to Writing Thursday: Shifting Gears; or What To Do Next?

  1. D. E. Atwood says:

    I’m supposed to have writing priorities? *sighs* I so fail at that. I write what’s working in my head at the moment, and shift projects often. If I’m blocked on one, I shove it on the back burner and try another, hoping that something will have a break through and words will flow. I look like an ADD writer sometimes, and probably am. Sometimes this works better than others.

    What I have found, however, is that if I tell myself I can only work on ONE project until it’s done, I won’t write at all because I’ll get irritable and frustrated. So I can’t prioritize that way, unfortunately, which is bad for my managing to finish novels.

    I hope you write that short. I can’t wait to read it.

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