Writing Thursday: Finishing What I Started, June 2012 Edition

So.  Here it is, the beginning of June, and so far, I’ve met three of my writing goals for the year:

  1. Completed deep edits on Book 1 of The Daughters of August Winterbourne.
  2. Submitted same to a publisher (still waiting to hear back).
  3. Wrote a short (well, shorter than novel-length, anyway) story.  (13,500 words; I’d classify it as horror, but I’m not sure that’s really where it fits.)

So maybe this is a good time to see how I’m doing with other writing goals:

  • Compile a list of agents and send Winterbourne 1  to some of them as well.  I’d really like to see if I can sell this story (and the rest of the series, while I’m at it).
  • Compile a list of magazines/anthologies/e-zines that might be looking for stories in the 13,000-word range (the above-mentioned “short” story).  Edit story and submit to same.
  • Finish Winterbourne 3 (started last November; currently at about 65,000 words).
  • Finish Faerie novel (started Summer 2010; currently at about 50,000 words).  That one’s been kind of on hold, given that I haven’t yet figured out how to incorporate the feedback I got on it at Renovation.
  • Write Weird Western story.  (I’ve had one niggling at me for over a year now.)
  • And, oh, yeah, continue writing the Dragon Friday story (sorry for getting off-track with that one…)
  • [NaNoWriMo] Write Winterbourne 4 (hopefully concluding the series).

Obviously, I really need to finish Winterbourne 3 prior to November, when I’ll be starting work on Winterbourne 4.  So perhaps I’ll try to prioritize that in the month of June.

Another writing-related goal is to do some work on my front porch–mostly sweeping and de-spidering it–and get a table and chairs to put out there so I can sit out there and work on nice days.  The front porch is well-shaded and has a handy electrical outlet, which would make it a nice place to sit and work.

All of that ought to keep me plenty busy for the rest of the year.  And then some.

What writing goals do other people have?


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1 Response to Writing Thursday: Finishing What I Started, June 2012 Edition

  1. kathydeb says:

    Okay, we’re slackers; our modest goal is one blog post a week. If we get really energized sometimes we even do two!! Good luck with selling both of your creations.

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