Writing Thursday: Brief Updates; or News From The Trenches

In a bit of a rush today, so I’m going to keep things brief.  But this week’s exciting news is that I’m about halfway through my current desperate hunt for extraneous words in my WIP, The Daughters of August Winterbourne (Book I), and yesterday, finally, my word count dipped below the targeted 125,000 mark.

Which technically means I could stop now and declare it done.  But since I found 2,300 extra words in the first half of the story, isn’t it possible that I might find another 2,300 in the second half?  And if I did that, I might have room to squeak one or two of my deleted scenes back in.  Because there are a couple I really miss.

But something I am finding is that removing or revising wordy passages seems to be improving the overall pacing of the story, as well as keeping up the tension a little better.  It’s made it easier to add slight tweaks to certain characters to make them stand out better.  And it means that the parts that remain are more important and more obvious.

I’m delighted that, even after staring at this story for the better part of three months now, I don’t hate it.  In fact, a few of the tweaks I’m making this time through are really helping to bring the overall picture together, and I’m feeling happy about that.

Which isn’t to say I won’t be glad when I can declare this part of the job to be “done,” and move on to the next stage (synopsis and cover letter, eek!).  And it would be nice to get back to work on Book 3, so I can get that finished up.  Not to mention my long-neglected fairy story, and my space pirate series, and a couple of other things that are rattling around in my brain.

And now, must dash.  Off to AnomalyCon this weekend.  See y’all next week!


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