Link Salad for November

Link Salad time again! I tossed together some good stuff for y’all this month:

First, from my friend Kate’s blog:  Stand Up To Your Creativity.

Next, from NPR, some helpful advice on How To Name Your First Novel.

For those of you who write better when you have an incentive, shows you a picture of a cute kitten when you’ve typed 100 words.

Friends, critiquers, and even writing coaches all mean well, but not all the advice you’ll get as a writer is good.  Here are Nine Pieces of Bad Writing Advice It’s Okay to Ignore.

Continuing with that theme, Editing Your Manuscript:  Which Advice Should You Follow?

Ever wonder if you’re on the right track, writing-wise?  The Five Most Dangerous Career Pitfalls For New Writers.

Next, by way of April Henry, really cool Two-Page Plot/Character Cheat Sheets.

Sometimes I feel this way:  Why bother?  Nobody Reads This Blog Anyway.

Got writer’s block?  Muse just not talking to you today?  Here are Five Sites For Creative Writing Prompts.

And finally, a non-writing link:  The True Cost of Handmade.




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