And Now The Ball Is Rolling; or, More NaNoWriMo Progress

I just realized, going back and looking at my NaNoWriMo update from last week, that I really didn’t provide much of an update at all.  So I should probably remedy that!

As of this morning, I was a few hundred (well, fewer than a thousand, anyway) words shy of the 40,000 word mark.  Hopefully, following my write-in tonight (which I’m running off to right now), I’ll be across that line and into the final 10K.  Which is not a bad place to be with just over a week left in the month (eeek!)

And how’s the story doing? Welllll…it’s rambling along like these stories do, trying to find its true voice and path and meaning.  A couple of characters have surprised me–I did not expect Jamie Dixon to be invited to move in with Nicholas Fletcher and Kel Herzhik (a diplomat sent from Tarmania to “provide Nicholas with access to Embassy services, if needed”–in other words, to spy on him), but it happened, and since it makes some of the story exposition easier in some ways, I decided to let it.  Some things I had planned out for later in the story are happening much sooner than I anticipated, but I think that’s okay, since the story is off to a bit of a slow start.  And I’ve already determined that I’m going to pretty much delete the first chapter and move the beginning of the story to the point where Celia’s airship lands in Cambridge–probably before I even let my alpha readers read it.  Which is too bad, given the fact that I tweaked the opening sentence about a hundred times, but it is what it is.

As for story arcs, I’m pretty sure one of them is going to be Celia finding the strength to stand on her own and be an adult–and learning that sometimes, that involves difficult decisions.  Which I kind of knew, anyway, coming out of the last book, but she’s affirmed it a couple of times already.  But I also think Eudora and Adja, for all that they were pretty independent before, are also going to be finding strength they didn’t know they had, and will also be facing some tough decisions.

Lillian Fletcher is going to learn some lessons about the human heart and its capacity to love, as some of the young men around her test that capacity.  And Jamie Dixon’s going to learn that what he thought he wanted might not be what he wanted after all.

Nicholas…well, he has one of the most difficult journeys of all.  He’s going to learn that he has a breaking point, and just what it feels like to have someone push him past it.

So the folks on this side of the Atlantic have told me more or less what they want from this story.  The folks on the other side have been a little more vague, but they’re going to be in the spotlight more as the story progresses.  War has come to England’s shores, and they’re going to find themselves tested in different ways.

Hmmm…for a story that seemed overly simple when I started out, it has gotten awfully complicated!

How are other NaNo’ers doing on their stories?


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