It’s Almost Here; or One Day Left Until NaNoWriMo

(Post-A-Day Challenge, Day 30)

So earlier in the month, I posted a list of tasks I hoped to accomplish before this year’s NaNoWriMo begins on November 1.  Let’s see how I did:

1)  Installing New Keyboard.  Status:  WIN!  Got that one done fairly early on, in fact.  One ergo-keyboard with non-broken feet, now installed.

2) Prepping The Playlist.  Status:  WIN!  2,500+ song playlist is complete.  Some pruning will probably occur.  But for now, I’m good to go.

3) Making Userpics.  Status:  WIN!  Though I still need to upload said userpics to LiveJournal.  And I wouldn’t mind having a few more.

4)  Cleaning My Desk.  Status:  WIN!  Desk is clean and tidy, and as a bonus, I even managed to finally get my electric kettle hauled upstairs and plugged in, for a nearly-endless supply of tea while I write.

5)  Stocking The Freezer.  Status:  WIN!  We don’t have enough food in it for the entire month, but we should be able to go a couple of weeks, at least.

6)  Storing Up Blog Ideas.  Status:  FAIL!  Well, I did store some up.  But then I used them all during this Post-A-Day challenge.  Oops.

7)  Finish Current Editing Projects.  Status:  FAIL!  On the one hand, I’ve gotten some great editing done on the first Winterbourne book.  On the other, I’m still only about halfway through this editing pass.  So that’s probably going to have to wait until December.

So I’m more or less ready, except for a few key areas.  Hopefully those won’t mess me up too badly….


Any of my friends doing NaNo this year?  Are you ready?


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