Link Salad, September 2011 Edition

Hi, everyone!

Popping in today with a “link salad” posting.  Which means, basically, that I’m taking all of the good writing links that I’ve found and saved up over the past month or so and sharing them with you.

First up, from Writer’s Digest:  Plot Like a Bestseller:  8 Things You Should Know

I found this helpful, because while I can create characters and settings and even put the two together and tell a story, I don’t always manage to come up with a good plot.  Keeping these things in mind should help!

Next, from Huffington Post’s “Writer Wednesday”:  Getting an Agent: Alternatives to the Traditional Method

Since I and a couple of my writer friends have completed manuscripts that we’re either beginning to shop or are about to shop, these tips could be handy.

Next, from The Bluestocking Blog:  Write, Revise, Rest, Repeat

Some great thoughts here on the writing process, with links to illustrate and inform each step.

After that, we have tips on writing and creativity from author Annie Proulx, via The Oregonian:  Annie Proulx at Portland Arts and Lectures

I love her advice on characters:  If you have a character that isn’t working, try changing their sex. It can be useful, and “at the very least, it’s amusing.”

The above link came to me via mystery and YA author April Henry, whose blog is often entertaining, and who posts great links from time to time.  (I’ve enjoyed her books, too.)  If you’re not following her on LiveJournal, you should be.

And finally, a new website that might be of interest to genre writers:  Book Country bills itself as a place to discover and share fiction.

That’s it for this round.  Enjoy!

[EDIT:  By request, adding raspberry vinaigrette to the link salad and tossing to coat.  Enjoy!]

(P.S.  WordPress tells me that, combined with the entries I carried over from The Melt-Ink Pot, this is my 100th entry!  Woot! {throws confetti})


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