Summer Writing Challenge 2011; or, How I Plan To Spend My Summer Vacation

(This posting originally appeared on The Melt-Ink Pot)

June is here once again, and with it, the Summer Writing Challenge. My friend Branni got me into this last summer: it’s a “set your own goal” writing challenge, with two teams competing to see which group can have the most members meet their goal. We both thought it would be a good challenge for us. She was having trouble getting motivated to write due to health issues, and I had finally recovered enough from NaNoWriMo to want to start writing new stuff again.

Sadly, Branni passed away this past March. I almost decided not to take part in this again this year because she wouldn’t be here to do it with me. But after some soul searching, I decided to do it after all, because I know that if she were still here, she’d want me to do it with her. Perhaps I’ll ask her husband if it’s okay if I come over and spend a couple of hours writing under their apple tree, where she and I wrote last summer.

I’ve upped my word count goal a little over last year’s–then, I aimed for (and completed) 50,000 words. This year, I’m shooting for 60,000, which, over the course of three months, comes to a little over 600 words a day. That’s not a bad goal, and it’s one that will hopefully still leave me enough brain power left over to complete my edit of Book 1 of the “Daughters of August Winterbourne” series.

I have two projects in mind for this summer. The first is to complete the “suburban fantasy” story I started last year. It involved a tribe of fairies who move into the garden of a widow who’s trying to sell her house, and the effect of a faerie circle on property values. I’d originally thought this would be a novella, but I’m thinking it’s headed more for novel territory. It was at about 20K words with a third of the story told, so I might actually be able to bring it in under 100K for a change. (Stop laughing, Beloved Husband! I know where you sleep!)

Should that piece come in shorter than I expected, or should I get really ambitious and wrap it up before the end of summer anyway, I’d also like to continue to work on my response to one of our writing prompts from last August, which I blogged about here. It was an intriguing beginning to a story, and I’m frankly dying to know how it all comes out. And the only way I’ll ever know is if I write it. Right?

So that’s how I plan to spend my summer. How about you? Does anyone else have writing goals for the summer


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1 Response to Summer Writing Challenge 2011; or, How I Plan To Spend My Summer Vacation

  1. Sharon D. says:

    I teared up a bit at the idea of you writing under Branni's apple tree. She'll be missed for a long time.I've been thinking about setting some sort of goal to get myself into the habit of writing regularly. Something modest to start with, like 1,000 words per week. I think I'll use your challenge as my inspiration!

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