Writer’s Workshops and Other Conventions

(This posting originally appeared on The Melt-Ink Pot)

Since Samantha posted earlier in the week about conferences, I thought I’d chime in with some other opportunities to learn more about the craft of writing.

I’ve gone to many useful panels and connected with other writers at the World Science Fiction convention. Last year’s WorldCon, in Montreal, got me some feedback from professional writers and got me involved in a great on-line critique group. This year’s WorldCon is in Australia, so I won’t be able to attend, but next year’s is in Reno, and I’m already signed up to go.

On the local level, my area has a couple of good literary science fiction conventions every year. COSine is already over for this year, but it’s an intimate convention with focused programming, and I always come away with valuable insights. MileHiCon is a bit larger, and usually features many of the local authors, such as Connie Willis and Carrie Vaughn. Listening to people like these and like the many well-known guests of honor that have come to MHC is an education in itself.

Of course, the workshop that really has me drooling and wishing I could attend is the Taos Toolbox — a two-week, intensive workshop led by Walter Jon Williams and Nancy Kress, with Carrie Vaughn as a guest instructor. Although I’m not sure I’m quite ready for something of that caliber, it sounds like it would be a great experience. Unfortunately, the price tag, while quite reasonable for what you get, is a little out of my price range this year. Perhaps if I start saving my pennies…

Do other folks have a “dream workshop” or convention they’d like to attend?


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